My Dirty Little Secret

If you know me personally or read my about page, you know at least one thing about me…I love food. But I have a dirty little secret, and I need to come clean. I waste food. I try not to, promise. I try really hard to reinvent my leftovers into new exciting meals. Despite that, when I clean out my fridge every week or so, I usually discover something that snuck past me in the crisper drawer: soggy mush lettuce, wilted brown herbs, moldy strawberries, and the list continues. Each time I throw something out, a small part of my inner foodie dies.

Okay, that’s a bit dramatic, but I do feel guilty: guilty about the money I wasted, guilty about the hard work that went into growing that produce, and guilty about all the starving people in the world. So this ends now! If I’m going to talk a big game about eating seasonally and sustainably, then I need to truly honor these principles myself. No more excuses.

I am challenging myself (and my fearless magician/murse boyfriend) to join Farmhouse Delivery for the next year. If you’re not familiar, Farmhouse is the only all-local food delivery service here in Austin. Unlike Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs, they source their food from a variety of farms around central Texas, guaranteeing each week’s delivery is a unique assortment of the freshest local produce.

During this challenge, I will attempt to stop putting food in the garbage. I will put my culinary creativity to the ultimate test to cook every last bit of the weekly bounties. And, I will do my best to blog about it every week. So stay tuned to Wave My Wooden Spoon as I create magic in my kitchen, one FarmHouse Delivery at a time.


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