The First Delivery

Is that a Beet?

I left work early last week to meet my first Farmhouse Delivery at the door. It might as well have been Christmas morning. Yes, I do get that excited about fruits and veggies! I rushed to open the box, and was happily greeted with fresh corn, striking purple carrots, good ol’ Texas peaches, mangoes, kale, potatoes, a giant cucumber, but wait, are those beets?

Beets, really? I could have sworn their season was over. I despise that sweet dirt taste, but I have to stay true to my no waste goal. I resisted the urge to secretly trash them or pawn them off on a beet loving coworker. Instead, I shoved them in the crisper (I’m pickling them now, I promise) and reminded myself, life is just a bowl of peaches.

A Big Bowl of Peaches



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3 responses to “The First Delivery

  1. Marguerite Krenek

    Awesome photos Miss Spoon! I don’t think I have ever had fresh beets. How are you pickling them? May have to subscribe to the service later this year when I move to Austin. The Texas peaches, yes please.

    • Miss Spoon! I love it. I’m just doing a quick fridge pickling. I brought a solution of water, vinegar, sugar, salt, and a tad bit of coriander to a boil. Then I added it to a French jelly jar layered with roasted golden beets, red beets, and onions. After they sit for a few days, I’ll post about the results.

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