When Experiments Go Wrong

Most of the time, I can waltz in my kitchen without a recipe,inspired only by fresh ingredients, and create something delicious. This was not one of those times. This is a tale of a kitchen experiment gone disgustingly wrong.

As you may remember, I was giddy when my first delivery arrived, and I was particularly enamored with the purple carrots.

Purple Carrots

I had roasted a couple, but last week, on the eve of my second delivery, four still sat in the lonely crisper drawer on the verge of ruin. I needed to cook them, NOW!

I remembered my fabulous birthday dinner at Foreign and Domestic in February. I ordered fish with crispy skin that was served on top of a savory carrot butter. The carrots made the dish. I wanted to lick every inch of that plate. So, I thought I’d attempt to recreate that silky butter with my purple beauties.

Big mistake. My concoction was no where close to Ned Elliot’s satisfying fare. It was a thick, murky mess. Everything I added to adjust the taste simply made it worse. Butter, heavy cream, chicken stock…nothing worked. I ended with this.

Purple Carrot Puree

I decided to be a good sport, and served up a spoonful with my pan-seared rib eye. I couldn’t finish it. Perhaps, that last splash of balsamic vinegar was a terrible idea, or maybe purple carrots weren’t destined for carrot butter glory, but either way this dish tasted bad. Really, really bad.

I felt guilty as I dumped the rest of the purée down the disposal. I failed my goal not to waste these beautiful vegetables, but sometimes kitchen experiments go wrong. I learn from these mistakes. No excuses, no apologies, I just cook better next time. And when purple carrots show up in my bushel again, I’ll at least know how not to prepare them.


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One response to “When Experiments Go Wrong

  1. Marguerite Krenek

    Miss Spoon, Those carrots with their luscious purple hue, need nothing more than a minute or two in a steamer basket and a drizzle of evoo with flake salt. Some things just can’t be improved! 🙂 I applaud your resourcefulness and creativity, however. I take it you are not a cilantro fan! ps. Don’t forget the always possible pot of veg soup when all else eludes.

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