Week 6: A sad fridge of affairs

I decided to skip my sixth delivery last week, since I had so many veggies from my fifth bushel still hanging around. Plus, we were headed out-of-town for a long July 4th holiday. I thought my leftovers, freezer staples, and pantry essentials would carry me through mid-week. I was mistaken.

Early last week, I came home after staying at the magician’s house for the night. Following my normal routine, I fed my kitty boys, then walked over to the kitchen to grab a glass of juice. However, I was shocked and horrified to find the fridge door ajar. I couldn’t have overlooked an open door when I had left for work the morning before. So what happened? The magician and I suspect my cats knocked into it, and the seal was not strong enough to hold it closed. They look guilty, right?

Socks & Kitkat

The butter in the door hadn’t melted yet, but the ambient temperature of the fridge was warm enough to be concerned. I’m highly cautious about food safety, so any dairy or meat based items had to go. Most of the dwindling produce hidden in the crisper was safe, thankfully.

I pulled the trash can over and dumped everything questionable out. Normally, I’d list what I’d wasted in my weekly Trash Can Confessions in the margin, but there’s too much to list this week. You’ll notice I consider most things half-empty in this list. I consider that more optimistic in this case.

-2 Yoplait yogurts
-1/2 empty mayo container
-Half empty OJ carton
-Half empty container of mozzarella pearls
-1/2 block of cream cheese
-1/2 block of American cheese
-Pickled beets (wasn’t sad to see those go)
-3 tablespoons butter
-1 1/2 Cups Cream
-4 eggs
-Leftover pearled couscous.

The upside to this tragic trash, my fridge is spotless, and I can start week 7 off fresh.



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2 responses to “Week 6: A sad fridge of affairs

  1. Amy Feemsgrove

    Crap! Stupid iPhone-I just published my email for the world. Just HAD to have that 2nd mexi mart!! Those kittsons def look guilty. But the fridge is so clean! An empty vessel just waiting to accept what goods next week will bring. Can’t wait to see what magic comes next!

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