Biggest Day of the Year!

Where has the year gone? Summer, warm sunsets, and margaritas drifted away before I knew it. In September, we celebrated a dear friend’s nuptials in Chicago and celebrated the Magician’s thirty-first birthday. Last month, marked my first anniversary living in Houston as an adult. Last week marked my third anniversary with the Magician. But the most exciting, biggest day of the entire year falls next month. No, not Christmas, not NYE. The Food Experiment National Championship is finally here!!!!!!!!! I swear my March victory was yesterday. Seriously, where the hell did the time go?

Less than one month people! 25 DAYS!!! Panic and nerves are setting in, along with the realization that I have to cook the best bite of my life for 300 people in an unfamiliar city that celebrates some of the best food ANYWHERE. Period. This is big. Really big. A defining moment on my road to culinary domination. Time for lists…to-dos, packing materials, time lines, recipes. Ready go.

We decided on the bite after much experimentation, multiple tastings, and focus groups. Is it the best? I sure as hell hope so. Creative…definitely. I don’t think it’s been done before, and my endless Google searches seem to support that.   Delicious…it involves homemade sausage, panko, cheese. How could that be bad? Other than that, you won’t get many other details. I think the element of surprise will work in our favor. BUT KNOW THIS…THE MAGIC HOPS ARE BRINGING IT!



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3 responses to “Biggest Day of the Year!

  1. Marguerite Krenek

    Can’t wait to witness the greatness of it all. Fingers and toes all goes well and we can leave the Big Apple via Brooklyn having savored true genius!

  2. Jan Tucker

    Go for it full speed ahead! I can’t wait to hear the news. You will be spectacular. Jan Tucker

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