Pinning it Up

These days my go-to social media site is Pinterest. If you want to know what I am cooking, look no further than to my Delicious board. 201 pins and adding more daily…Don’t even ask how many wedding pins I’ve posted. The magician is well aware I have disguised several nuptial boards. (No pressure honey.)

Pinterest is becoming the best search engine for recipes, dominating Google when it comes to image search results . The beautiful photographs of casseroles, salads, pastas, and desserts instantly sell me on Pins. With the click of one button, the chosen links and recipes are magically saved into my ever growing database of culinary ideas so easy to re-access on my board. The days of clipping magazines and assembling cute binders of collected recipes that I only bother look at when moving are long gone.

I still don’t follow recipes wholeheartedly, but my pins serve as nightly inspiration when I take to my kitchen. So what have I been cooking lately? Let me share a few Instagrams of my kitchen adventures. Enjoy!

Tossed Crunch Salad with Homemade Nectarine Vinaigrette

photo (1)

Bastille Day Steak Au Poivre…perfectly cooked

photo (2)

Mashed Potato Tostadas

photo (3)

Chicken Bahn Mi with Asian Slaw

Bahn Mi

Sparkly Cherry Limeade Cocktail




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3 responses to “Pinning it Up

  1. Tucker, Jan (US - Dallas)

    Super looking dishes! Do you share recipes or am I just missing them???


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  2. Faithceleste

    Impressive as always! Your photos are beautiful as well.

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