When life throws me curve balls, I turn to my crazy, foodie dreams and… apply for reality TV. Next Food Network Star, Chopped (Amateur), and now Master Chef. It’s arguably my favorite of the amateur competitions, and while the cooking time limits scare me to death, why not? My mom’s terrified Joe is going to rip me a new one on live TV, Dad wants leftovers, and the Magician is fully supportive.  I’ve got nothing to lose, except an afternoon at an open call, meeting some equally food-obsessed folks. Oh, and maybe a finger tip, but it is re-attachable right??

For the audition in October, I will serve one plate of stunning food to a panel of expert judges. Sounds simple enough, but there’s a few tiny…(ahem, LARGE) caveats.

1. No kitchen or access to heating equipment.

2. You have about 5 minutes to plate your dish before serving the experts.

3. You can only bring what you can carry into the audition room, and yes, you do have to bring your own plating vessel and utensils.

4. You could be standing in line for who knows how long.

Soooooo?? What to cook?? I think something hot is too risky because of number four, so I’m leaning towards a cold or room temperature dish. It will need to refined, yet reflective of my “Mutt” style cuisine (part Tex-Mex, part Southern, part Vietnamese, part French, etc.). Perhaps, a new take on a Bahn Mi, an Asian spin on a scallop ceviche, or maybe a lobster tostada? The Magician suggested my signature Dr. Pepper Ribs.

Dr. Pepper Ribs

And while they are tender and meaty with a sweet and spicy vinegary tang, they don’t qualify as  “a restaurant dish” in my eyes. I have one month left to figure it out, and cook the new best dish of my life. I conquered the Food Experiment so I think I may just have a real shot at this. What would you cook?



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2 responses to “#MasterChef?

  1. Mike Krenek

    You go girl! Love, Dad

  2. Tucker, Jan (US - Dallas)

    Go for it!!!!

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