I love food. I love eating. I love cooking, and most importantly, I love writing about food.

In my spare time, I read cookbooks, and I spend way too much time on Serious Eats. My friends and family encourage my culinary dedication, and never-ending experimentation in the kitchen. It seems they enjoy the perks of keeping a “foodie” around, and feeding them brings me joy.

I enjoy taking picnics in hidden spots, dining at new trailers, and brunching on South Congress. I despise national chains, and would rather support local businesses. There are too many interesting options in my town to eat at (gasp) Chile’s. With this said, Whataburger occasionally sucks me in, especially during a rough lunch hour, but at least it’s a regional chain right?

I’ll use any holiday as an excuse to host a party: Day of the Dead, New Year’s, or Rib Saturday (the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend). I’m strangely drawn to writing lists, planning timelines, and perfecting small details. It’s kind of obsessive, but I have found wonderful friends that indulge in the same crazy behavior.

My guilty pleasures include, champagne cocktails, shellfish (I’m allergic), queso, and onion rings. I hate raisins, and offal doesn’t excite me, either. I dream about moving to San Francisco, traveling to Morocco, and I Will own my very own food empire, just like Rachey and Martha (except much cooler).

Wave My Wooden Spoon is my new blog where I will chronicle my challenge to join Farmhouse Delivery for the next year. During this adventure, I will attempt to stop wasting food. I will put my culinary creativity to the ultimate test to cook every last bit of the weekly bounties. And, I will do my best to blog about it every week. So stay tuned as I create magic in my kitchen, one FarmHouse Delivery at a time.


2 responses to “About

  1. Marguerite Krenek

    You know me, I love a good blog! Congrats on the new venture. The produce delivery intrigues me, too.

  2. I hope you do get your Food Empire because your writing is certainly engaging. Buena suerte!

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